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East Midlands airport parking

East Midlands is a very popular airport on the outskirts of Nottingham, it's convenient location just off the M1 motorway gives people many reasons to use it. We're pleased to have a range of car parks available all in and around the airport, with some massive savings on offer. The main benefit of pre-booking is to avoid paying the gate rate, that's the rate you would pay if you just arrived and paid the daily fee. Much like you would in a town center car park, this can really put a hole in your pocket if you let it. But don't worry that's what were here for, our booking form will find you the cheapest parking at East Midlands airport.

carsWhat Type Of Parking Do You Need?

On airport

On airport car parks are in abundance at East Midlands with 7 options to choose from, there are the Long Stay car parks, the Shuttle Economy car parks and Prestige which is classed as an on airport compound. Rest assured all the on airport car parks are Park Mark awarded. The prices are relevant to the distance to the terminal.

Long Stay 1 - The closest Long Stay car park to the terminal building

Long Stay 2 & 3 - Not as close as car park 1 but still within walking distance about a 3 minute stroll to be precise.

Shuttle Economy 1 & 2 - Cheaper alternative to the Long Stay car parks the shuttle economy car parks require an 8 minute transfer they are situated just down the road from the terminal building.

Shuttle Plus - Situated closer than the shuttle economy car parks, only require a 6 minute transfer.

Prestige Parking - Situated on the airport directly opposite the terminal, simply park up and walk to check inn.

park mark All the car parks we offer at East Midlands airport have been accredited the Park Mark for safer parking, that includes on, off and meet & greet car parks.

Off airport car parks

Always a popular choice with travellers, not just for the price but by driving to an off airport facility a member of staff drives you to the airport which is perfect for nervous or inexperienced drivers who wouldn't want to navigate a busy airport terminal.

Airparks - Classed as an off airport option but is actually closer than the shuttle economy car parks, you'll be at the terminal within 5 minutes of boarding the transfer bus.

Meet & Greet Parking

Always a nice way to start the holiday, remove the need for a transfer and even the stress of finding a parking space. A meet & greet package does it all for you. All you need to do is drive to the airport, then enjoy the extra time a meet & greet package gives you.

Stress Free Meet & Greet - Stress free does exactly what it says on the tin, they will meet you at the airport, then drive your car to Airparks, where it will be stored for the duration of your holiday. But don't worry it will be waiting at the terminal when you get back.

Did you know?

The Gate rate at East Midlands airport is around £30 for the first 2 days then £7.00 per day after