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Liverpool airport parking

Liverpool airport is named after the famous Beatle John Lennon, giving it its full name of Liverpool John Lennon airport and is sited in the heart of Merseyside. Between 1997 and 2007 it was the UK’s fastest growing airport and the northern hub for Easyjet.
During this time, the number of parking facilities has increased and you are now spoilt for choice with many quality operators to select from. Whether you like the convenience of parking on the airport, cheaper off airport parking or the speed of Meet & Greet ACP will have a package for you.

carsWhat Type Of Parking Do You Need?

What Type Of Parking Do You Need?

On airport

ACP is pleased to offer a range of on airport options, all of which are within walking distance of the terminal. The on airport car parks are usually the most expensive when it comes to airport car parking but at Liverpool airport the roles seem to be reversed with the Long Stay car park being nearly on par with off airport.

Long Stay - Extremely popular choice with customers, very competitively priced and within walking distance of the terminal, not to mention Park Mark security.

Long Stay Plus - Another popular car park, all the same security as the Long Stay car park but even closer to the terminal. Formerly called the Mid-Stay car park.

Multi Storey - Directly opposite the terminal and what's more your car will be protected from the elements thanks to the multi-storey floors.

Premium Parking - The closest of all the official car parks, with just a 30 second walk to the terminal, it's even quicker than a Meet & Greet package.

park mark All the official car parks at Liverpool airport have been awarded the Park Mark, this means they are inspected on regular basis by the police association and have met certain security requirements.

Supersaver - The supersaver option is usually available on all on airport products, just remember these bookings can't be cancelled or amended so please be careful when selecting your dates.

Off airport car parks

Usually require a 10-15 minute transfer to the airport, which means not as convenient as the on airport options. However the price of these car parks is what swings it in their favour; most facilities are now Park Mark approved so you’re not sacrificing security for money either. Some of these car parks are that close to the airport they can barely be considered as "off" airport at all.

Skypark Park & Ride - It doesn't seem fair to class this as an off airport car park as it's just a 90 second transfer from the terminal, a fantastic Park Mark compound that comes at a great price.

APL Parking - APL is part of the Skypark brand, this car park is basically the mirror image of Skypark except for 1 small detail, and it’s cheaper!!

Skypark Indoor - If you’re a real car lover and take great pride in its appearance then you will know the weather can deteriorate your paint work, fear not Skypark has an indoor facility for just a little more money than it’s outdoor.

Meet & Greet Parking

As the car parks are so close to the terminal at Liverpool airport there isn't a great need for lots meet & greet services, but nonetheless we still provide a service. Meet & Greet is especially useful if you’re travelling in a large party or you have disabled passengers and you won't have to waste time looking for a parking space.

Skypark Meet & Greet - Just drive to the airport and meet the chauffeur, your car will be parked in Skylark’s indoor car park and fetched back on your departure.

Did you know?

The Gate rate at Liverpool airport is around £11 per day